The meaning behind the Kiddush….

Dear Friends and Family,

We wanted to share the idea behind our celebration.
To start: What is a kiddush?

 A “Kiddush” refers a celebration involving food and divrei Torah – a borrowed term from the eating after the tefilla of Shabbat morning, which starts with Kiddush.

Why are we making a Kiddush?

There is a general Mitzvah thanking G-d for joyous and/or miraculous events that occur to us. One of the applications of this concept is Birkat Hagomel, the blessing we make after being saved from danger. While a meal is not required, sources indicate that it is a nice idea (see Berachot 46a), which parallels the Korban Todah in the time of the Beit Hamikdash.

Unlike the birth of a baby boy, there is no set time or formula for the celebration of a girl’s birth. In some circles, people try to have one on the day of her naming. In turn some do the naming specifically on Shabbat, when many people will be present. (The presence of many people is generally desirable for meals of thanksgiving). Combining these elements, there may be special significance of having a celebration after Shabbat morning tefilla.

While there is no specific obligation, timing, or setting, we would like to thank Hashem for such a monumentally joyous occasion. The gemara (Bava Batra 91) talks about Boaz making 120 celebrations in honor of his sixty boys and girls, and Rabbeinu Gershom says that 30 of those were after the births of 30 girls. Many sources also stress the importance of the berachot (blessings) people make for baby and parents at the celebration.

This is not a baby naming party, but rather a time that we are thanking G-d for the beautiful blessing He has bestowed upon us. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the “Kiddush” of Esther Rosi and hope to can celebrate with us.

– Daniel and Michal