Parshas Ki Savo

Dear Friends and Family,

I know it has been a while. I have been very busy and my email got pushed to the side. Tomorrow is my Hebrew birthday, Chai Elul, and I just wanted to share a thought on the Parshah and a Bracha with all of you!
Parshas Ki Savo begins with the Mitzvah of Bikurim (the farmer bringing his first fruit to the Temple). Bikurim is about thanking G-d for blessing us and giving back. The Parshah ends with the curses that the Jewish people will get if they do not G-d. The reasoning brought in the text that a person will come to this is because “Because you have plenty of everything, you would not serve G-d…with happiness and a glad heart” (28:47). The text uses the word “Tachas” which translates as because. The word “tachas” usually means under. Rabbi Zweig explains when we are appreciative of all that G-d gives us, we are happy whereas when we take for granted all the gifts that we are bestowed, we are unhappy and do not feel satisfied. The word “tachas” is used here to show that we have a choice in the way to look at our lives. Will we choice to appreciate what we have and be happy? When we do choose to be thankful, our lives are filled with joy and happiness. Challenges do not look like curses because we have so much to be thankful for. Furthermore, when we realize that what we have is from G-d, we are able to share our blessings with others.
This year has been an amazing year for me. I have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I have been through things that emphasized that choosing to be positive, thankful and happy is not always easy, but is needed to continue to live. I am so thankful for everything that G-d has given me. Thank you for all for supporting and loving me.
My blessing to all of you is that in every moment, through the good and through the not as seemingly good, you choose to appreciate the lives that G-d has given you. In this month of Elul we have the power to return to G-d. Take a moment to look back at this past year and say thank you. May you bring in a new year with happiness, joy and be able to share your gift with others.  May Hashem bring Mashiach soon!
Have a beautiful and inspiring Shabbat!
Lots of Love,

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