Parshas Kedoshim!!!!

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week’s Parsha, Kedoshim commands us to “Love out neighbor like ourselves.”
Rabbi Zwieg brings the Rambam to explain this verse. The Rambam, defines love  based on Aristotle’s three levels of love/relationships.
1) mutually beneficial – This is the lowest level of a relationship. This is a surface level relationship. Both members are gaining from each other. An example of this is a carpool relationship. 
2) ahavas menucha/ahavas bitachon- This is a second level relationship. This is a level where a member feels secure enough in the relationship that they can tell the other everything  and anything about themselves and know that they will not be judged. Let’s use Reuven and Shimon. No matter what they have done, the other member’s opinion of them will not change. Reuven feels that he never feels embarrassed because Shimon treats me like he would treat himself. Just like he is 
not judgmental of himself, he will not judge me. 
3) The highest level of love is when the member is in a relationship with someone he feels he admires and can learn from. This type of dynamic relationship is based on respect. We acknowledge that the other member possesses a quality we lack and are inspired by them to grow and be a better person. 
I heard my grandfather, Rabbi Abrams, speak last week and he explained that the Parshah starts out with the words “Kedoshim Teheyou – and you (plural) shall be holy.” The plural form is used because it is not enough for one to be holy by themselves. As a nation we must be holy together. The only way to be holy as a nation is to learn and grow from one another. 

Have a beautiful and lovely Shabbat and May the Jewish nation be able to become holy together and truly “love” each other and be able to bring Mashiach!

– Michal  



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