Parshas Va’eira

Dear Friends and Family,

I would like to start out by giving a huge Mazel Tov to the Sapoznik and Herzberg Family on the beautiful wedding of Micheal and Ariella! May this simcha bring bracha and good mazel into your lives and to the Jewish people!

In Parshas Va’eira, Moshe and Aaron set out on their mission from G-d to go before Pharaoh and tell him to let out the Jews. First, Moshe is commanded to go to the Jews to tell them that G-d will take them out. They do not listen to him. After Hashem commands him to go to Pharaoh. In between the commandment and the action, the Parshah gives some genealogy on the Shevatim and Moshe’s family. R’ Hirsh comments that the Torah takes pain to point out that contrary to the claims of the founders of other religions, the leaders of the Jewish people were humans, not supernatural beings. The Torah gives their family back rounds to make plain that their compatriots knew them and their cousins, remembered their parents and uncles. But although any Jew has the potential to lift himself to the level of greatness and prophecy, G-d does not assign such honor haphazardly. Instead of choosing His emissaries from the eldest tribe, He searched until He found suitable men.
This theme of potential is woven through again when the perek concludes with the words “This was Aaron and Moshe” to say that it is understandable that such men were chosen for their lofty task. The sakes take note that Aaron is mentioned before Moshe. This is to teach us that they were both equally great, although the Torah itself testifies that Moshe’s level of prophecy was the greatest of any man who ever lived. R’ Moshe Feinstein gives two reasons why Aaron is described as equal to Moshe : 1) His participation was indispensable to Moshe’s success. 2) he achieved the absolute maximum of his potential, just as Moshe did. In G-d’s scales, achievement is measured by how well one fulfills one’s personal mission.
I think the idea here teaches us: Not to compare ourselves to others. We each have our own mission and potential to live up to. The only person we can measure ourself is against ourself. No matter who you are or were you come from, we each were given the gift and the tools to fulfill our own potential. Focus on being the best and greatest YOU!
Have a beautiful and uplifting Shabbas and may you each continue to strive to be the best and only You!
– Michal

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