After a long week of traveling, I am back in Florida and so very thankful to wake up with the beautiful sun! Parshas Vayeira is long and there is so much to be written, but to pull out a short lesson…..
In this week’s Parshah, the three angels come to Avraham and tell him that after visiting him they are going to destroy Sedom. Avraham prays to save the city of Sedom on behalf of any of the good people who many live among the sinners. He begins a negotiation with G-d and asks even if there are 10 good people among the city that it should get saved, yet there was not even 10. R’ Moshe Feinstien asked why did Avraham plead so strenuously for the city of Sedom, a people who were so notorious for their wickedness?
Ordinary people preach kindness, but they become outraged and hate those who dispute their values. Avraham, on the other hand, cared only for the truth as defined by the Torah. He felt no animosity towards evildoers; he only wanted them to change for the better. Therefore he felt that if there was a nucleus of ten good people in the city, there was hope that they could influence others by teaching by example.
It was not about judging how bad the people of Sedom were, but that there was potential for change. Once he realized there was not even 10 influencers of good, he realized that he must stop fighting.
Have a beautiful Shabbas and May we, instead of judging others because they are different than us, have the ability to see their people’s potential.

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