Hello World!


Hello World! My name is Michal and welcome to my blog.

Let’s start with some insight onto the name of this blog.

“Rebbetzin”  is a Yiddush word that can mean three things

1) A Rabbi’s wife

2) A Jewish woman who is very knowledgeable in Jewish law, philosophy and text. This woman is usually very holy and people go to her for insight and to learn from her wisdom.

3) An extremely religious woman…. super religious….

So I do not currently fit the bill for any of these translations as my husband is not a Rabbi, I am not as knowledgeable in Judaism as others and I am not EXTREMEly religious. That is where the work in progress part comes in. As I grow as a person and a Jew, maybe one day I will own the title. This blog is not just about my spiritual journey though – So here is a little more about me!

21 years ago I was brought into the world by my amazing parents. They are dreamers, believers, entrepreneurs and most of all DO-ERS! Seeing them in action inspires me to dream, believe in myself, explore the world around me and try and make the world a better place.  I was born and raised in Cleveland, OH and moved to Miami when I was entering into my 11th grade High school year. I was surprised to find out that Miami and Cleveland are part of the same country being that they are world’s apart in culture and lifestyle. I am now a proud Miami girl although growing up in Cleveland made me who I am today. Moving to Miami brought sunshine and inspiration to my life as well as my other half, my husband, Daniel. We are expecting our first child this January and although I am in school and work – I am looking forward to this extra blessing in our life!

So back to being a “work in progress”: I am a growing and evolving person, professionally, academically, spiritually and “relationshiply.” This blog follows my journey of into navigating the world of business, Graduate School and motherhood (and having a life somewhere in between). My goal is offer some Jewish inspiration and share my personal experiences in today’s world! I hope you enjoy the ride!


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